Traceable Quality Service Worldwide-Overseas Pre-inspection+Traceabiltiy

进口准入咨询 Import Access Consultation


In accordance with China's regulatory policies, for products to be imported by China, CCIC will provide relevant policies and regulation consultation services(such as product import access, compliance and customs clearance procedures) through its expertise to confirm whether the products meet relevant entry requirements and regulatory requirements.

全程质量追溯 Full Process Quality Traceability


From the source of overseas production to the domestic sales terminal, establish the full process quality traceability system of imported goods, connecting, integrating and sharing the information of production, storage, logistics, trade, etc, from farmland to table. Customize quality traceability solutions based on regulatory requirements and product quality risks, including:

境外检测 Overseas Inspection


According to corresponding national standards and regulations in China, in the overseas origin or place of shipment of imported goods, professional technicians will conduct sampling inspections on various indicators, including pathogenic substances and components, to verify whether the products meet the entry requirements and related technical standards of Chinese market.

境外生产企业实地验证(必选) On-site Inspection Of Overseas Production Enterprises (Required)


Conduct field inspection and verification of imported goods manufacturing enterprises (and/or bases) to ensure that they comply with local laws and regulations in terms of enterprise qualification, production capacity, equipment configuration, personnel capability, process flow, packaging and storage, as well as quality control.

产品监装监卸 Product Pre-shipment And Landing Inspection


CCIC staff member supervises the on-site sealing and packaging of products, the loading and the shipment, to ensure that the batch products comply with CCIC Traceability standard and are error-free from factory to logistics.

全程温控记录 Full Process Temperature Control Record


Record the full process temperature of goods that are subject to temperature control in shipment. After the batch products arrive in the country, the temperature records of the full process of transportation shall be automatically read, and the changes in temperature shall be analyzed to ensure the transportation environment meets the quality requirements.


Compared with the on-site inspection, sampling inspection and label inspection of traditional imported goods after arrival, CCIC’s “Overseas pre-inspection + traceability” service provides a credible basis for port inspection, accelerates goods clearance and prolongs the shelf life of goods, providing brand endorsements for high-quality overseas goods and helping enterprises improve trust-based relationship with Chinese consumers.


Through the mode of “Overseas pre-inspection + traceability”, CCIC has successfully created value for the import of New Zealand's fresh milk, Uruguayan beef, Chilean cherry, French wine, Russian ice cream, Australian olive oil, North American aquatic products, Southeast Asian fruit, rice, etc. , effectively helping regulatory authorities improve regulatory efficiency, greatly shortening the time to market for imported goods, and providing guidance for consumers to select genuine, safe and high-quality overseas goods.